07 May 2009

Thank you!

Hi again!  So this is just a short entry to thank everyone who has helped me with my trip so far!  I have been talking to people from Norway:  Hallgjerd and Aleksander.  They are so kind and very helpful! :) So THANK YOU! I have learned a lot more about Norway thanks to them :)  They are both coming to the US next year and I plan to keep in contact with them to hear about their year here!  

I have also started talking to some of the people I am going to Norway with next year!  We might not be staying in the same city or nearby but we'll be at orientations together!  I'm going with Helena from Brazil, Sam from Belgium, Firuze from Turkey, and Cassie who is also from the US!  Its really nice to know ahead of time who I'll be with and I'll already know them kind of before I arrive!  If anyone else reads this and is going to Norway next year let me know!  

I still don't know my host family or where I am staying but I cannot WAIT to find out! I'm so excited for next year.  I know it will be a BLAST!  

Wanna know something funny?  Fyll ditt sinn med kjaerlighet is stuck in my head! I have been singing it ALL day...and no one here understands what I'm saying xD