05 August 2010

And my future begins..!

I flew home from Norway on May 5, 2010. I was actually supposed to come home on July 5th, but I ended up being accepted to a special medical school program. I had to begin college in the first week of JUNE! This was a bit stressful because I was looking forward to having a nice long summer to relax and see my friends and family.

The school program I am in right now allows me to finish undergraduate and medical school in 6 years. The normal amount of time is 8 years. I have been going to school for the past two months and absolutely love it. I was scared the first day to meet everyone, but I made some really good friends here. I love everyone in the program! Classes are a bit hard, but that's probably because I am not used to actually doing homework. As most of you already know, I did not have to do that much homework in norway haha. And now I have lab reports to do every day and tests to study for every night! It's a lot of work, but I feel so far it has been worth it.

Pictures :) I'll put up more later!