15 January 2010


In norway, when people say "ja" many of them breath in at the same time. I really have no idea how to explain it. But for us exchange students here, it is quite a weird thing at first. A lot of norwegians also use the word "mmmm" when they speak, kind of like a conversation filler. So we decided to make a video of us trying to do this, yes it is pretty much a joke, so no offense to anyone norwegian! Its supposed to be funny:) We really love norwegians!

You know you've been an exchange student when...

before waiting to see if anyone understood what you meant, you start acting it out.

you think 100 pounds to pack up your entire life is plenty of space.

you don't have preferences anymore, especially when it comes to food. Nothing tastes familiar, thats for sure.

you spend a lot of time smiling, nodding, and pretending you understand what's going on.

you classify "doing your homework" as translating half of it. And that alone took three hours.

when your grandma asks you what you've been learning, you tell her something general, instead of "how to open beer bottles with a 50 cent coin."

you sometimes use the excuse "Sorry, I don't understand" to avoid answering a question....even if you do.

they offer cocktails at the back-to-school party.

you want to hug the people who attempt to speak your native language to you.

you've called every person who says "hi" to you your friend... because you don't really have any yet.

you'll read anything in your native language just to have something to read...even packaging labels.

you've got on the bus and had the driver say "you don't want to be on this bus" because you got on the same bus the night before and it was wrong then, too.

you sometimes walk around the school during breaks to act like you're doing something, because you don't see anyone you recognize and don't want to stand there awkwardly.

you know the answer to a question in a class but don't raise your hand because you don't want people to expect to much from you.

you're better than your teacher in your foreign language class.

you are a master of pantomime and circumlocution and still can't have a conversation.

] you've ever mispronounced something in your native language (for example, names of products, TV shows, companies) because you know the others will understand it better if you say it with an accent.

you've tried so many different foods due entirely to the fact that you cannot understand the person asking you what you want so you just nod your head, say "yes", and hope to god it tastes half-decent.

you've tried to order something in your host country's language only to be answered in english because you did it so badly.

you've gotten annoyed with said people that automatically answer you in English when you try to speak to them in their language.

after you come back everybody tells you that you have a weird accent.

your dreams are bilingual.

sometimes it takes you about 5 minutes to remember a word in your native language that you were going to use.

you automatically use words in a foreign language that you cant even translate but they just seem to fit the context.

you watch television shows and movies that you know in your native language, just to understand it for once.

you begin to enjoy foods that you had previously despised at home.

you've gotten out of a punishment or being yelled at because you didn't understand the language, or at least pretended you didn't.

it becomes a habit to introduce yourself by saying: "I am from (country) and my name is (name)."

you've gotten upset because someone assumed you wanted to do something...and then were told you were asked if you wanted too, and you said yes!

you've said something like 'oh yes' or 'not thanks' only to have everyone laugh because your answer made no sense compared to the question.

you actually got a high five when you understood what someone said to you.

you're never sure if someone's being your friend, flirting, seducing you, or sexually harassing you.

you get a little scared before starting a sentence with big words in it in another language.

you are always counting the time difference between where you are and home.

you always forget the time difference when you call a friend or family member back home.....sorry for waking you up at 4 AM mom.

you do something wrong and people look at you weird, your excuse is "That's how we do it in my country" even if it isn't.

you have gone in to greet someone with a shake of hands and find yourself being pulled into an awkward hug/double kiss on the cheek or the other way around.

you carry a dictionary and a camera in your bag.

you get so used to broken English you finish people's sentences even though no one else can understand them.

you get into arguments with the foreign language teacher (English) over how to pronounce something.

you try to speak in the native language and everyone immediately knows "You're not from around here".

you can get into the strictest clubs with your ID from you host country, because most people get confused and just let you get in.

you know every cuss word in your host language, but still cant conjugate into past or future tense.

peoples stares don't bother you anymore.

you're ready to drink anytime of the day.

you've spent more than one night getting drunk with your host parents.

everyone thinks your playing the tough guy when you say you haven't called your mom yet and don't miss her too much.

a conversation is going fine, before it suddenly get stuck on some word or phrase which makes you completely forget what you were talking about.

you buy clothes in your country so you don't look so much like a foreigner.

11 January 2010


It was absolutely beautiful outside on Saturday during the day! There was snow on the ground, the sun was shining and it wasn't extremely cold. =]

Sooooooo....we decided to go outside and build an IGLOOOOOO!
It was really exciting because I have always wanted to build an igloo, but its not exactly possible at home.

It took quite a bit of digging and shoveling, but it was well worth it.

The opening to the iglooooo

Everyone together in the igloo!

Once we were finished with that we all went inside, well except my sisters! They ended up staying outside for at least 3 more hours! They even ate dinner in the igloo! It was so funny! They also decided to make the igloo even bigger and added lights to the outside. It is pretty huge now and absolutely amazing. So here is a video I took that shows the whole inside of the igloo =)


On friday and saturday night I went to a birthday party! Marita had her 18th birthday party on friday and Anette had her 19th birthday party on saturday!

On friday at 17:00 Vanessa came over my house and we got our gift together. Then my host dad drove us to the party. At first it was really weird for Vanessa and me because we barely knew anyone and we were scared to talk to random people. But then people we knew started arriving and we began to play games with everyone. The soccer table game (which I suck at!), a card game, contact and dancing. It was actually a lot of fun! And we talked a loooooooottt! It was soooo nice! So overall I had an awesome night. And I realized the people we were hanging out with there are like some of my friends from home! It made me feel really happy and I enjoyed myself a lot that night.
Pictures now:

Brenda and I

I am TERRIBLE at this game haha

I left the party around 11:15 to catch the bus.  First I walked over to the bus station which of course was closed so I just checked the outside screens with the times for the bus.  It said at 11:15 the bus was going to the hospital and that the bus going to nordbyen was at 11:40.  So I was like OH NOOOO I dont wanna wait that long UGGGH.  I started walking just looking for somewhere to stand in and wait, otherwise I was going to go back to the party.  But while I was walking a bus went by me and it said Granlia Nordbyen, which is the bus I normally take home.  So I stopped the bus and got on.  It ended up going to the hospital, and while we were there the bus driver talked to this other guy for about 15 minutes, while I just sat there wondering what the heck was going on. I was getting worried thinking that the bus wasn't going to go to nordbyen.  Then we drove back to Molde, to the bus station.  So I finally asked him if the bus was going to Nordbyen or not. It was kind of scary because yeah I had to ask in norwegian and I was worried I might not understand everything he said back cause they speak really fast, but I understood.  Lucky for me his answer was yes and about 10 minutes later we left to go up there.  THANK GOODNESS! It was quite a long ride home, almost an hour.  But I am so glad I made it home haha. 

On Saturday night I went to a birthday party for my friend Anette. She turned 19 years old! It is insane, I am turning 19 years old this year too and I feel like I am getting so old.  Yes I know 19 really isn't that old but it seems like I am growning up sooo fast!  I miss being a little kid sometimes.  Anyways, Heidi and Anette picked me up around 8 and we eventually went back to Heidis house, which is where the party was.  There were about 10 of us there. It was a lot of fun, we listened to music and just hung out the whole time.  I really enjoyed myself and am happy to be friends with them!
Pictures again:

I got home around 3am I think, and was so thankful to just go to bed haha! 

I had a really good time at both parties and I am so happy I even had the chanced to go.  Its really nice to have friends now in Norway and to be able to go out and enjoy myself.  I finally feel like I have a real life here, with friends, family and activities.  I think I have finally adjusted.  Now I just have to master the language and everything will be amazing! =]

07 January 2010

Beautiful Norway <3

These are some videos I took during my first weeks in Norway. I think it is absolutely beautiful to stand on the top of a mountain and look out. Nature is such a wonderful thing. So calming and peaceful.

Happy Norway to you!

This is one of my best friends Alex singing a song to me at my goodbye party a few weeks before I left the US to come to Norway. He is probably going to hate me for putting this up haha, but I think its cute! Enjoy!

You know you've been in Norway too long when...

You know you've been in Norway too long when... is a group on facebook that I currently joined.  I think a lot of them are funny and true so I will post them here for you to enjoy!

...you start believe that if it wasn't for Norway's efforts the world would collapse.

...you only buy your own drink at the bar even when you are with a group of people.

...you can't remember when to say "please" and "excuse me".

...you always prepare to catch the closing door if following closely behind somebody.

...a stranger on the street smiles at you, you assume that:
a) he is drunk
b) insane
c) American
d) all of the above

...silence is fun.

...you use "Mmmm" as conversation filler.

...you actually believe that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

...you know Norway's results in the last three years in the "Melodi Grand Prix" song contest (Eurovision Song Contest).

...it seems nice to spend a week in a small wooden cottage up in the mountains, with no running water and no electricity.

...you know at least five different words for describing different kinds of snow.

...an outside temperature of 9 degrees Celsius ( 45F ) is mild in mid June.

...you know the difference between Blue and Red ski wax.

...you don't fall over when walking on ice.

...you associate Friday afternoon with a trip to the Government liquor store.

...you think nothing of paying $50 for a bottle of 'cheap' spirits at Vinmonopolet ("the wine monopoly").

...it's acceptable to eat lunch at 11.00 and dinner at 15.00.

...it no longer seems excessive to spend $100 on drinks one night.

...you know that "religious holiday" means "let's get pissed".

...you find yourself more interested in the alcohol content than in the name of the wine.

...you enjoy the taste of lutefisk (jelly-like, bad-smelling fish) and cod prepared in any way, including fried cod tongues.

...you like to wrap your hotdog in a cold pancake.

...you associate warm rice porridge with Saturday and Xmas-eve.

...you can prepare fish in five different ways without cooking it.

...you wear sandals with socks.

...your wardrobe no longer has suits, but blue shirts and mustard coloured sportjackets.

...you don't look twice at business men in dark suits wearing sport socks.

...it feels natural to wear sport clothes and backpack everywhere, including the cinema, bowling alley, and to church.

...you find yourself speaking halfway Swedish with Swedes.

...you can't understand why foreigners haven't heard about Bjorn Daehlie.

…you don’t question the habit of always making “matpakke” (sandwich in paper – some sort of lunch packet)

…you know the meaning of life has something to do with the word “koselig” (cosy)

…you get scared when a stranger randomly starts up a conversation with you.

…you can’t stand leaving the country because people everywhere else are so nice, it’s annoying.

…you look away when you walk by people on the street.

…you vigorously defend whaling and enjoy consuming whale meat.

…you have two cars, a cabin and a boat, if not more.

…you think it's weird if a house isn't wooden.

…you earn more than you spend.

…you associate Easter with cross-country skiing with friends and family in the familys mountain cabin.

…you are shocked if it's not 2 months of snow every year, at least!

…you can see mountains and the ocean, no matter where you are.

…you expect all dinner parties and meetings to start precisely on time, if not before.

…you fall 3 meters, and don't get hurt. If you do, you're not worried at all.

…you get your hands on Norwegian chocolate and guard it with your life

…you are more afraid of the Customs than terrorists.

…you would rather miss your flight than not have enough time to buy the duty free alcohol quota.

…you order drinks at Gardemonen (Oslo Intl Airport) at 6 am

……you say ”oh well, down it goes” when served bad wine.

…you actually think that fishballs have taste.

…you barbecue when it’s raining.

…you have bad conscience if you’re not outside when it’s sunny

…you get dozy after only two days of sun

…you go for a swim when it’s only 12 degrees Celsius (53F) in the water and claims that it’s “fresh”

...in winter, you go to work or school in the dark and come home in the dark - while only working eight-hour days.

...if there's a terrorist attack on the other side of the world, your first reaction is "oh my god, did any Norwegians get hurt?"


06 January 2010


So I am pretty sure when I go home public speaking will no longer scare me.  Yesterday I had to give a presentation in geography with my friends Anette and Elise.  Of course we had to speak in Norwegian, I am in Norway after all!  I had what I was saying typed up, and I just read to the class.  It went pretty good except there was one stupid word that I could not say: 'tydelige'.  I stumbled over it, and at first was embarrassed, but then I kind of just laughed.  This shows me that I am learning to not care what people think of me as much, and that I am not as afraid to speak in front of everyone.  But now I know, when I go home and have to give a speech in English, it will be so easy! Because if I can get up in front of a group of people and speak Norwegian and not be afraid, I DEFINITELY can get up in front of a group of people and speak English.  I know this might be kind of a stupid thing to write about, but it makes me happy to know that my public speaking has improved!  I always hated speaking in front of people at home, now I think I might actually like it when I return!  How strange is that?

I have also decided to start making a list of all the things I have learned while being here in Norway.  I will definitely have to keep adding to it as the year goes on.  But first, here is a passage taken from my first blog post:

There are so many things I hope to gain and learn from studying abroad.  I believe I will benefit from this experience in many ways:
  • learn a new language
  • become more independent
  • become more aware of the world and a different culture
  • grow as a person
  • discover more about who I am
  • gain a new family
  • learn to have an open mind
  • learn to have more patience
There are so many more things that I hope to gain and I think this trip will completely change my life and my perspective on everything. 

Now to comment on whether or not I have learned these things yet:
  • I haven't COMPLETELY learned a new language, but I have learned some norwegian.  When I first got here I couldn't understand ANYTHING! And all I could say was "hei, hvordan går det?"  Which is in bokmål, the written norwegian language.  Everyone actually speaks in dialect, so to say that same sentence it would actually be "hei, kordan går det?" But I am learning dialect AND bokmål, so that makes me feel really good :)  I understand when people talk to me in norwegian, though they usually have to speak a little slower, but thats okay!  I am finally speaking norwegian which is really really good, and if I keep it up I will actually learn it!  I am currently reading a book in norwegian, A Series of Unfortunate Events 1, because I read it at home a long time ago, it is pretty easy.  I still have to look up a lot of words, but I don't mind.  Writing in norwegian is kind of hard because I always forget to put the verb first (sentences are written in another order than in english) but I am improving.  And now if people are talking in norwegian and I am not paying attention, I still can pick out words that they are saying and understand what they are saying overall.  Before I used to just zone out haha. 

  • Yes I am becoming more independent actually.  Which i really am happy about.  It is nice to be able to just rely on myself sometimes.  Don't get me wrong, I still ask my parents here for things and to help me, but not as much as I used to at home.  I hope to become even more independent as the year goes on. 

  • This is definitely true.  I have learned so much more about the norwegian culture.   I am hearing/learning norwegian everyday, eating norwegian food, experiencing new holiday traditions, figuring out the way a norwegian acts and what their values are, and beginning to really understand how to live in norway.  Oh, and I have learned how to ski! Which is of course very norwegian ;) It is really exciting to learn about another culture.  Especially exciting for me to learn about the norwegian culture because my great grandfather grew up in Bergen, and then sailed over to the US.  So it is awesome to be able to learn about how he grew up and lived.  I love it!  I am also learning so much about the rest of the world, and experiencing what its like to see the US in a new way: as a norwegian sees it.  It is really quite interesting. 

  • Growing as a person while you are studying abroad happens no matter what.  It is like a garunteed thing.  I know I am becoming a better person and learning how to handle situations in the right manner.  I am also becoming more mature because my mind is maturing from all these situations.  This also kind of scares me because when I home I am worried I will think everything my friends do is stupid and immature.  I hope I wont, I love hanging out with them.  It will be very VERY interesting to discover what my feelings will be when I come home.  I will have to keep writing in my blog when I return to the US! 

  • I have of course discovered more about who I am.  I now know what my flaws are and how I can change them.  I know my personality traits really well now and who I really am. Its really good to know you truly know yourself, better than anyone else in the world.

  • Gain a new family, that I have already done!  I have an amazing family here, and I KNOW I will always be in contact with them after I leave.  I will definitely come back to visit and I hope they will visit me too!  I actually had a shift in my mind when I finally felt like my house here was a home, and my family was really my family.  It didnt take long for that feeling to come.  I don't feel as much as a guest anymore which is really good.  I love my family here so much, they are some of the greatest people I have ever met!  It's so nice to know that no matter where I am in the world, or what I am doing, I will always have a family in Norway, a place where I can go if I ever need to, or simply just to drop in and say hi.  :)

  • Learn to have an open mind.  I am still kind of working on that one. Yes my mind is WAAAY more open that it was when I first arrived.  I am learning to see things in a new perspective and not form opinions about everything right away.  I try so hard to not think something here is bad, I have to think that is it just different, and I am not used to it.  Of course I did go through a time where I didn't like anything in Norway and I just wanted to do everything like I did at home, and eat the food I ate at home, but that went away.  I am thankful that I am beginning to open my mind more and more everyday.  Its so interesting to learn the way other people see the world or your culture. 

  • Having more patience, is always a good thing.  This is something I have begun to learn. I especially have to be patient when I am learning Norwegian.  Because it is not easy, and just going to come to me easily.  I have to be patient and really try to learn it.  I know there were times when I got frustrated, and I still do.  But I have noticed I am more patient, which i absolutely lovelovelove!

So I have learned quite a bit already! For my next blog post I will write what I have learned here so far besides what I already talked about.  Don't have enough time to write it all now, plus I really have to think about what I have learned so far.  I also have some funny things about norway to share on my next post.  Hope you will read them both! 

Ohhhh yeahhhh,  another funny thing is when you notice your mind shift over from " 7 months left, thats SOOO LONG!" to " 7 months left, that's not enough time here!"  It seems strange but you really do go through that kind of thought process while you are here.  It has to do with culture shock. When I first arrived here I thought it was so awesome and I would want to be here forever.  Then culture shock found me and I started thinking "uggghhh I have 7 more months here, thats way too long, I cant do it!" It was no fun at all.  Then there was a time when I had mixed feelings. I really couldn't wait to go home, but I also didn't want to leave here.  Now I really don't want to leave here.  I think Norway is great and I am really becoming adapted.  I only have around 6 months left here, and that is not a long time at all actually!  But it was such a good feeling when I noticed the switch in my mind.  Now I am a lot happier!  To all future exchange students: NEVER GIVE UP! Things will always get better, and after the first few months everything will start working out for you!  I promise.  I didn't believe that when I was having bad moments here, but it really is true.  Everything gets better after Christmas.  And thank goodness for that!

03 January 2010

slalomski <3

Today I went downhill skiing for the FIRST TIME EVER! 

At around 12 we all got ready to go to Tusten.  They had a pair of skis for me and shoes and warm clothes and a jacket.  So that was really lucky for me!  I was having problems just walking in the ski boots haha, because you cant really stand up straight in them.  So it seemed like I was going to have a hard time.  But guess what, I actually did really well!  

When we first got there my little sisters just went off right away up the hill since they are really good skiers already haha.  They started young, which I wish I did!  My mom stood in line to get us tickets/cards.  While she was doing that my dad took me over to the hill and we walked up like 1/4 of the way so that I could learn to "ploge" or in english "plow" which is when you take the back of the skis and push outward. It is a way to slow down and stop, and one of the most important things to learn haha.  He also taught me how to turn, by shifting your weight from foot to foot.  At first I was really scared to try anything because I was so sure I was going to fall or something.  But I tried and learned how to do both those things.  So then it was time to try going down the WHOLE hill.  Which kind of scared me!  

We got in line to ride the lift thingy up.  Well its not actually a lift, it is just something that pulls you up while you stand.  It was pretty neat but I had no idea what I was doing.  So the first time we rode the double lift thing so that he could go with me and help me.  We stood facing forward and the rope thing came from behind and he grabbed it and put it behind us.  First it actually hit us haha but we managed.  Then the whole way going up I had to concentrate on not falling off and keeping my skis straight so that I wouldnt fall down.  How embarrassing would that have been?!  But after the first time I rode the single one for the rest of the times going up.  Here is what it looks like: I'm in the brownish yellowish jacket.

Me standing in line for the lift:

Once I got to the top we had to jump off which was also kind of scary.  But then we were finally at the top.  And now it was time for me to go down OH NO.  Well those were my thoughts at the time.  

We started going down, and I was told to just make as many turns as possible because that way I wouldnt start going WAYY to fast.  So I listened and it worked! It was amazing.  I was still kind of scared and hesitant so I stopped 3 times going down the hill but it was AWESOME.  I made it down alive and without falling so that was an accomplishment haha.  

We ended up going up and down a couple more times.  The last time going up I almost fell haha.  I kind of stopped paying attention to keeping my skis straight and they started curving and I almost slipped.  So happy I didn't though!  By the last time going down the hill I felt a lot better. I still stopped once but I was turning and "ploge-ing" and everything.  I even went faster, which i actually better because then you can actually feel the glide and your weight shifting.  

Skiing is absolutely amazing and I loved the feeling when going down hill and turning back and forth.  Its so amazing and its just you.  I hope someday I get really good and can do a huge mountain and just appreciate the beautiful nature and how peaceful it is.  I am so grateful that they took me skiing.  It is now going to become one of my favorite sports I think!  I definitely like downhill skiing better than cross country.  And I now know for sure that when i get back to the US, I am DEFINITELY going skiing every winter, everyday! Well maybe not everyday, but you know what I mean. :) 

1. januar

This morning we were going to go skiing but we decided to instead walk down to the city.  Around 12 my mom, Ingvild and I walked down to my school.  Well, Invild actually sledded almost the whole way down haha.  It was so cute and a lot of fun.  I finally really felt like a big sister, like especially when I was pulling her on the sled.  We took some really good pictures on the way down:

Once we got down to the school we took some more pictures.  And, just like a little kid, I played in the snow with my sister.  It was so fun, and it was great to feel like a kid today and have no worries, even if only for a little bit of time.  The snow was REALLY deep at the school, up to the middle of my thighs.  More pictures:

Afterwards we went to the video store to return some movies and rent some more haha.  I saw Anna while I was there, it was really nice to talk to her since I haven't seen her in a long time.  When we got home we watched a movie, I forget the name, but it was actually pretty good.  It was kind of a fantasy movie.  We also ate some pizza and then my sister CRUSHED THE GINGERBREAD HOUSE! haha.  

I ended up going to bed kind of early tonight, well not actually to bed, but just upstairs to look for songs I can begin to play on guitar.  And just to practice a little bit. It was nice and relaxing!  

This is kind of random, but I feel like I am actually getting closer to my sisters.  Its a really good feeling and I hope we will continue to get closer and talk more. :) 

31. desember

Today is the last day of 2009! 
How crazy.
It's been a really good year though! 
I spent half of the year with 2 of my favorite people: Goncalo and Maaike <3  
I had the most amazing summer with all my friends :)
I came to NORWAY! 
Part of this year has been filled with struggles though.
Learning norwegian
making norwegian friends
adapting to a new culture
But guess what?
It has all been worth it! 

At 6pm all my parents friends came over to celebrate New Year's Eve.  I played Mazurka on the violin with my parents friend Øystein on piano.  It turned out really well, even though I was kind of nervous during part of it.  
And my audience :)

Afterwards we went outside to have a parade through Blokkebærveien, our street.  It was so interesting!  A bunch of us held torches and we walked up the road to my parents friends house and sang a song to them.  It was really funny and a lot of fun to do!  

It was definitely something I have never done before! Maybe we can do it on my street in the us next year haha.  When we got back to the house we put all the lights in the snow kind of making a path up to the house.  

Det var koselig :)

Then we went inside and all ate dinner.  We had so much different food and it was all really good.  The kids all ate right away so that they could leave to go out to parties with their friends.  Here is the food we had:

Dinner was really nice.  I got to talk a lot to the people around me and I actually understood most of what everyone was saying, which of course made me really happy!  After dinner we had dessert and just sat and talked for awhile.  Julie invited me to go with a party to her but I decided not to.  I was happy just being with my family on New Years Eve.  I mean I am only going to be here one year with them, I honestly want to spend all the time I can with them.  Because they are the people I really really care about.  And celebrating New Years Eve with them was perfect!  I usually celebrate with my family at home also. I only have actually spent the whole night with my friends at a party once, and that was last year.  Its so cozy to just be with your family I think.  

But anyways, then we had a quiz thing type game.  My parents made up a quiz where we had to answer questions or write down the name and artist to a song after they played like 5 seconds of it.  We were split into two teams.  It was pretty fun, but I knew barely any answers haha.  My team ended up losing by 3 points I think.  Then everyone played some Geni and talked until it was time to go outside.  I played some guitar while they did that! I really really want to learn how to play guitar, like really well by the time I go home.  And I figure now is a good time to learn because my dad plays guitar really well here! So I think he can help me to learn :)

At midnight we all went outside and shot off fireworks! It was absolutely amazing.  And they weren't small puny fireworks.  They were the ones that are illegal at home to shoot off!  The HUGE ones! It was great.  A bunch of people were shooting them off, it was like the 4th of July!  I loved it!  And it was snowing outside, which was nice.  I love the snow too haha.  We also had huge sparklers and a blue smoke bomb and little fireworks that spun and changed colors.  Then everyone hugged and said "Godt Nyttår!" It was so koselig! 

My lovely family <3  but my sisters are a little blurry :(

So we tried again, and this time I am blurry. oooppppssss

But they are still both good pictures :)  I had a great night with them, I love them all so much! I am so happy that I got to celebrate New Years Eve with them! 

So then we all went back inside and we had a tower building contest out of paper and tape haha.  Girls vs. guys.  We ended up tying actually.  It was pretty entertaining.  By that time I was getting pretty tired.  So I ended up going to bed, after a great night that I will never forget!  

Believe it or not, at 5:30am my time in Norway I woke up to talk with my parents in the US so that I could say Happy New Year to them at midnight! I know its pretty crazy but it was worth it.  I talked with them for a half hour and then went right back to bed haha.  But it was so nice to see them and the animals again! I also tried to watch the ball drop, they held the computer up to the tv, but it didnt work really well so I just listened.  They seemed to be having a really good time, which makes me really happy! I still miss them though!