11 January 2010


It was absolutely beautiful outside on Saturday during the day! There was snow on the ground, the sun was shining and it wasn't extremely cold. =]

Sooooooo....we decided to go outside and build an IGLOOOOOO!
It was really exciting because I have always wanted to build an igloo, but its not exactly possible at home.

It took quite a bit of digging and shoveling, but it was well worth it.

The opening to the iglooooo

Everyone together in the igloo!

Once we were finished with that we all went inside, well except my sisters! They ended up staying outside for at least 3 more hours! They even ate dinner in the igloo! It was so funny! They also decided to make the igloo even bigger and added lights to the outside. It is pretty huge now and absolutely amazing. So here is a video I took that shows the whole inside of the igloo =)


  1. Hi! I'm from Sarpsborg in Norway, and I'm travelling to America as an exchange student next year. It's really fun reading about your stay here in Norway, since I've only read about norwegians in America. And this might sound kind of weird, but you kind of look like a norwegian too, haha :-)

    Have fun during your last months here in Norway.

    Best wishes, Ida

  2. Hei! Thats awesome that you are going to be an exchange student in America next year! Do you know exactly where you will be living? If you have a blog you have to send me the link please! It would be interesting to read of course :) Its funny that you said that because my whole dads side of the family is norwegian!

    Thank you! I hope you have an amazing time next year.