11 January 2010


On friday and saturday night I went to a birthday party! Marita had her 18th birthday party on friday and Anette had her 19th birthday party on saturday!

On friday at 17:00 Vanessa came over my house and we got our gift together. Then my host dad drove us to the party. At first it was really weird for Vanessa and me because we barely knew anyone and we were scared to talk to random people. But then people we knew started arriving and we began to play games with everyone. The soccer table game (which I suck at!), a card game, contact and dancing. It was actually a lot of fun! And we talked a loooooooottt! It was soooo nice! So overall I had an awesome night. And I realized the people we were hanging out with there are like some of my friends from home! It made me feel really happy and I enjoyed myself a lot that night.
Pictures now:

Brenda and I

I am TERRIBLE at this game haha

I left the party around 11:15 to catch the bus.  First I walked over to the bus station which of course was closed so I just checked the outside screens with the times for the bus.  It said at 11:15 the bus was going to the hospital and that the bus going to nordbyen was at 11:40.  So I was like OH NOOOO I dont wanna wait that long UGGGH.  I started walking just looking for somewhere to stand in and wait, otherwise I was going to go back to the party.  But while I was walking a bus went by me and it said Granlia Nordbyen, which is the bus I normally take home.  So I stopped the bus and got on.  It ended up going to the hospital, and while we were there the bus driver talked to this other guy for about 15 minutes, while I just sat there wondering what the heck was going on. I was getting worried thinking that the bus wasn't going to go to nordbyen.  Then we drove back to Molde, to the bus station.  So I finally asked him if the bus was going to Nordbyen or not. It was kind of scary because yeah I had to ask in norwegian and I was worried I might not understand everything he said back cause they speak really fast, but I understood.  Lucky for me his answer was yes and about 10 minutes later we left to go up there.  THANK GOODNESS! It was quite a long ride home, almost an hour.  But I am so glad I made it home haha. 

On Saturday night I went to a birthday party for my friend Anette. She turned 19 years old! It is insane, I am turning 19 years old this year too and I feel like I am getting so old.  Yes I know 19 really isn't that old but it seems like I am growning up sooo fast!  I miss being a little kid sometimes.  Anyways, Heidi and Anette picked me up around 8 and we eventually went back to Heidis house, which is where the party was.  There were about 10 of us there. It was a lot of fun, we listened to music and just hung out the whole time.  I really enjoyed myself and am happy to be friends with them!
Pictures again:

I got home around 3am I think, and was so thankful to just go to bed haha! 

I had a really good time at both parties and I am so happy I even had the chanced to go.  Its really nice to have friends now in Norway and to be able to go out and enjoy myself.  I finally feel like I have a real life here, with friends, family and activities.  I think I have finally adjusted.  Now I just have to master the language and everything will be amazing! =]

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