18 June 2009

from GONCALO =)

guess what! we're going to west virginia tomorroooooow! WHITE WATER RAFTING! YEY

This is the "Dutch girl: Maaike =)" making time for you!!! =D

Hi Nicolette, yeah that's how i always call you =) That's your nick name since i met you, well that's a lie. Since a while ago. Don't ask me why, because i do not have an answer on that question ;) So yeah i'm writing something, this computer is kinda freaking me outtt. It's so easy and smoothh. We are, well you are now and i was, and Brynn and Goncalo are still, watching High School Musical 3. !?yeaaay!? It was funny i guess. Haven't seen all of it this time, last time i did, when you were not there. oops. tihihihihi yeah that's my laugh,
not funny. =/ haha just kidding ha ha ha.
We had a great time, we still have of course!! And you are leaving me, because you are going white water rafting. ='( WHINE WHINE WHINE. Poor me =)
Well i just wanted to say, i had a great time since i met you!, we had fun with all the funny things we did this year! 
Soo i have to quit right now, because you are making me!!
Tot ziens, ik hou van jou <3>

Maaike and me! 

16 June 2009


This year my family hosted an AFS exchange student.  His name is Goncalo and he is from Portugal.  He is leaving here in 10 days and I can't believe its so soon.  This year has gone by so fast and I will miss him so much.  He was and will always be an amazing brother to me.  I can always tell him anything and we get along wonderfully.  I can't imagine the day he leaves.  I can't imagine not having someone to talk to whenever I want to or need to.  He has always been here for me especially when I need him most and I appreciate that soo much.  He has made this year amazing and exciting.  I love him as a family member, as my own brother.  It will always be that way.  It will be really sad when the room next to me is empty.  I don't want to see him leave and I hope he will come back to visit sometime soon.  I think he will but I hope that I will have the opportunity to visit him when I return.  
Goncalo and me! 
Watching him throughout this year has helped me to prepare for when I leave.  I don't know the exact situations I will be in next year but I have watched him change and handle things.  I still can't believe I will be leaving in 2 months. It seems so close yet so far away still.  I have been thinking about it a lot lately.  Like what it will be like when I first arrive and saying goodbye to all my friends and family.  Or that last night I go to sleep before I leave.  I can't imagine leaving until its a reality.  I'm also afraid for what it will be like when I return.  I know I won't be exactly the same person and either will all my friends and family.  A year is a lot of time for things to change and be moved around.  I hope I will get to keep my close friends though.  I know they will be going off to college and making new friends and starting a new life but I hope they won't forget me.  And I know if they are my true friends we will keep in touch and still see each other when I return.  I am pretty sure I won't lose them though.  I'm trying to make this summer the best yet and so far it has been!  Thank you to everyone who has made this summer amazing so far :)

Some of my friends:
Having fun :)  samm, maaike, and me :)
     Prom night!  brynn, alex, and me
Graduation! mackenzie, goncalo, and me
Prom! joey 
Before Prom kathe and me 

I'm going to miss them all soooooo much!  But I will never forget them :)