18 June 2009

This is the "Dutch girl: Maaike =)" making time for you!!! =D

Hi Nicolette, yeah that's how i always call you =) That's your nick name since i met you, well that's a lie. Since a while ago. Don't ask me why, because i do not have an answer on that question ;) So yeah i'm writing something, this computer is kinda freaking me outtt. It's so easy and smoothh. We are, well you are now and i was, and Brynn and Goncalo are still, watching High School Musical 3. !?yeaaay!? It was funny i guess. Haven't seen all of it this time, last time i did, when you were not there. oops. tihihihihi yeah that's my laugh,
not funny. =/ haha just kidding ha ha ha.
We had a great time, we still have of course!! And you are leaving me, because you are going white water rafting. ='( WHINE WHINE WHINE. Poor me =)
Well i just wanted to say, i had a great time since i met you!, we had fun with all the funny things we did this year! 
Soo i have to quit right now, because you are making me!!
Tot ziens, ik hou van jou <3>

Maaike and me! 

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