03 January 2010

slalomski <3

Today I went downhill skiing for the FIRST TIME EVER! 

At around 12 we all got ready to go to Tusten.  They had a pair of skis for me and shoes and warm clothes and a jacket.  So that was really lucky for me!  I was having problems just walking in the ski boots haha, because you cant really stand up straight in them.  So it seemed like I was going to have a hard time.  But guess what, I actually did really well!  

When we first got there my little sisters just went off right away up the hill since they are really good skiers already haha.  They started young, which I wish I did!  My mom stood in line to get us tickets/cards.  While she was doing that my dad took me over to the hill and we walked up like 1/4 of the way so that I could learn to "ploge" or in english "plow" which is when you take the back of the skis and push outward. It is a way to slow down and stop, and one of the most important things to learn haha.  He also taught me how to turn, by shifting your weight from foot to foot.  At first I was really scared to try anything because I was so sure I was going to fall or something.  But I tried and learned how to do both those things.  So then it was time to try going down the WHOLE hill.  Which kind of scared me!  

We got in line to ride the lift thingy up.  Well its not actually a lift, it is just something that pulls you up while you stand.  It was pretty neat but I had no idea what I was doing.  So the first time we rode the double lift thing so that he could go with me and help me.  We stood facing forward and the rope thing came from behind and he grabbed it and put it behind us.  First it actually hit us haha but we managed.  Then the whole way going up I had to concentrate on not falling off and keeping my skis straight so that I wouldnt fall down.  How embarrassing would that have been?!  But after the first time I rode the single one for the rest of the times going up.  Here is what it looks like: I'm in the brownish yellowish jacket.

Me standing in line for the lift:

Once I got to the top we had to jump off which was also kind of scary.  But then we were finally at the top.  And now it was time for me to go down OH NO.  Well those were my thoughts at the time.  

We started going down, and I was told to just make as many turns as possible because that way I wouldnt start going WAYY to fast.  So I listened and it worked! It was amazing.  I was still kind of scared and hesitant so I stopped 3 times going down the hill but it was AWESOME.  I made it down alive and without falling so that was an accomplishment haha.  

We ended up going up and down a couple more times.  The last time going up I almost fell haha.  I kind of stopped paying attention to keeping my skis straight and they started curving and I almost slipped.  So happy I didn't though!  By the last time going down the hill I felt a lot better. I still stopped once but I was turning and "ploge-ing" and everything.  I even went faster, which i actually better because then you can actually feel the glide and your weight shifting.  

Skiing is absolutely amazing and I loved the feeling when going down hill and turning back and forth.  Its so amazing and its just you.  I hope someday I get really good and can do a huge mountain and just appreciate the beautiful nature and how peaceful it is.  I am so grateful that they took me skiing.  It is now going to become one of my favorite sports I think!  I definitely like downhill skiing better than cross country.  And I now know for sure that when i get back to the US, I am DEFINITELY going skiing every winter, everyday! Well maybe not everyday, but you know what I mean. :) 


  1. Hi:) I just read all your new updates, it looks like you are having a good time. I really hope so! Here in WV I'm enjoying my first snowdays ever (loooove it)! By the way julebrus, kransekake and risengrynsgrøt are all favorits :) What do u think about the brunost?


  2. Hei:) I am having a great time here! I'm glad you are enjoying WV! You are so lucky you have snowdays! I miss them haha. I love the norwegian foood its great! My host parents are going to send me pinnekjøtt and julebrus next year. Can't wait! I like brunost! At first it was a little strange but now I am used to it! I actually sent some to my family in the US, and they liked it!