15 January 2010


In norway, when people say "ja" many of them breath in at the same time. I really have no idea how to explain it. But for us exchange students here, it is quite a weird thing at first. A lot of norwegians also use the word "mmmm" when they speak, kind of like a conversation filler. So we decided to make a video of us trying to do this, yes it is pretty much a joke, so no offense to anyone norwegian! Its supposed to be funny:) We really love norwegians!


  1. Hahha, you sounded completely Norwegian :) And it's true, we always say "mmm". We're tards :)

  2. that is so true !
    oh my gosh, this is so cool! I love that you are in norway as an exchange student! i think its really awesome. Where in the US are you from? How long are you staying in Norway? :-D
    im an exchange student in the US from norway!

  3. hi. this is kind of off topic but anyway; a while ago you wrote in norweigan in your blog, but you stoped after to days. Why? was it too hard or?
    I envy you a lot, I have been living aboard too but with my family so its a totally diffrent thing ,and I would like to exhange someday too, but its probobly too hard, because I turn 18 soon and then theres basically no options. besides au paires.
    Ha det.
    Du skriver bra.

  4. I'm from Ohio:) I will be in Norway until July! But I really never want to go home, its amazing here and I feel it is my home now. Leaving will be so sad:/ Where are you staying in the US??

  5. I stopped writing in norwegian because all my friends and family in the US said they couldnt understand haha. So I just decided it was easier to write in english so everyone could read it! You should definitely study abroad if you get the chance:) I was 18 when I left to come to Norway, so maybe you could travel with AFS? Or you can study abroad in college! I think I will do it again then:) I love it soo much! Its my first time actually really traveling, being out of the US.
    Tusen takk

  6. yeah, I think I`m waiting to college to study abroad again. just came back from a year in chile and want some norway time now.
    yeah, thats what I figured.

  7. That is so cool! Do you din Norway like way different than US? I live in Simi Valley, CA. Its like an hour north-west of LA. I love it here!

  8. haha, so true :p
    I'm going to study in USA after the summer, as an exchange student, if I'm accepted by Explorius :)

  9. That is really funny ... and very true. I lived with a girl from Noway for a while, and when she was on the phone she sounded exactly like that!

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