16 July 2009

Host Family :)


So today I got very exciting news!  I have a host family :)

I will be living in the city of Molde. It is a very beautiful city close to the coast, in the county of Møre and Romsdal.  Molde's many attractions include a beautiful waterfall in the middle of town and a panoramic view of 87 snow-covered peaks in the Romsdal Alps.  The town offers sea and snow, sailing and skiing, mountain climbing and jazz festivals.  in summer, the long days of sunlight and the cool, moist air produce so many blooming flowers, that Molde can rightly call itself the "City of Roses" 

So basically Molde sounds like an amazing city that I will love!  My host mom told me there are a lot of places to hike and that it is very beautiful there! 

ferry to molde

Now to talk about my host family!  

I am going to have a big family, my host parents and 6 siblings =) I have been an only child my whole life, except when we hosted Goncalo, and I have always wanted siblings!  This will be new for me!

Hanna and Ingvild are my younger host sisters.  They are 10 years old and identical twins.  They look absolutely adorable and loooooove Hannah Montana! They are also involved in dancing and enjoy music.  They will be living at home with me the whole year. 
Kjetil and Edvard are my two host brothers that are closest to my age.  Neither of them will be living at home while I am there.  Kjetil will be going to school outside Molde to study for a year. Edvard is living in Oslo and will be attending the University of Oslo in the fall. He is very interested in music as am I!

 My older host siblings are Andre and Elisabeth.  Elisabeth lives in Australia right now and is educated as a nurse.  Andre will be living at home until September when he will actually be moving to Australia!  

 My host parents are Einar and Britt.  Einar is involved with the factory and Britt works in business.  They both love music and movies!  Britt played in the marching band for years and Einar plays guitar, he is actually in a rock band!  They both seem soooooooo nice and I can't thank them enough for taking me into their home =)  I really do appreciate it.

I can't wait to meet the entire family in person!  They seem so nice and I don't think I could have asked for a better or more caring family :)  They spend the holidays together having fun and enjoying each other's company.  I have a feeling this year is going to be amazing thanks to them. So this is for my host family: Tusen takk!!!  :D

Getting a host family makes this exchange so much more realistic.  I still am feeling like I am going no where.  But each day I am getting closer to having my dream come true :)  I am so grateful I have a family now, I was honestly a little scared that I wouldn't get one before I left!  

More exciting news: I also got my flight schedule!  I have to be in New York on August 19th.  Our plane leaves on August 20th and we will land in Stockholm early on the 21st.  Then there is an hour flight to Oslo! :)  

Can't wait!!!


  1. It`s so cool taht you`ve finally got a host family! Molde isn`t very far from were I live actually. And Molde is a very beautiful place!

  2. I'm so happy to have a family! :) They seem wonderful and I can't wait to meet them! Thats what everyone keeps telling me! I really think I will love it there!

  3. Hey!

    I am going to be an exchange student in the US this year! It is so exciting. I think it is really nice that you are going to Norway. I have never been to Molde, because I live up in the northern part of Norway (the city is named Bodø) but I have heard that it is a nice place. I am going to West Virginia, to a very small city named Moundsville.

    Is it okay that I put a link to your blog on my blog?


  4. Hi!

    Of course you can put a link on your blog! I don't mind at all :) I am sooo excited to go to Norway! Its getting so close. I actually live in Ohio but I just went white water rafting in West Virginia a month ago, you should definitely try that while you are there! When do you arrive in the US?


  5. Hi again:)

    Oh, that's cool, I don't know what white water rafting is, but my host sister told me that I should try to convince my host parents to try it (my host sister don't live at home). So I think I will try to do that!

    I arrive in the US on the 5th of August, really soon! I can't wait! It is only one week left!


  6. Hello again!

    White water rafting is when you sit on this big raft and go over these crazy rapids of water. Its a lot of fun, you have to paddle to have the raft move of course, and try not to fall out! Haha, but definitely try to convince them! I absolutely love it! You should search videos on youtube.

    Wow you arrive really early! I don't even arrive in Oslo until August 21st! Good luck with everything!

    Nicole :)

  7. I found it on google! It looks really cool! I think I will really try to convince them, because that looked like alot of fun!

    Yes, I think it is early too, the school don't start before August 26 I think, but I am going with my host family on vacation to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, and then we will visit my host gradmother in Athens, GA, so that is why I arrive so early! I am really looking forward to it tho, and I really think this year is going to be amazing!

    Thank you, and good luck with everything to you too!


  8. I hope you get to go white water rafting! I absolutely love it!

    I think I arrive in Norway after school starts actually! I would rather arrive before so I could get settled in! Aww I love Myrtle Beach! I think you will really like it there, we took Goncalo there when he lived with us last year. I've never been to Georgia before, I hope you like it there!

    I definitely think this year will be amazing! For both of us :)



  9. Wow, youre an exchange student in Norway :D Cool! Where are you from?

  10. I'm from the US! I live in Ohio. I will actually arrive in Norway on August 21st! I can't wait =)

  11. Cool! That's the same time as I arrive in Oklahoma :)

  12. So cool :D
    I hope you have a wounderful year in Norway.
    I can tell you that Molde is a butifull place :P

  13. Aww thank you! I think I will absolutely love it in Molde!


    Where are you from?