03 January 2010

22. desember

So today, I walked to school! It was a little cold but actually really nice.  It was still dark outside and at one point it was just me in the dark in the woods with snow all around.  It was truly beautiful, even though it was so simple.  It took me about 40 minutes to get to school and then I met with my class and we got our yearbooks! They only have pictures of all the classes, I miss the yearbooks from home!  But I am still happy to have this one :)  Its a good memory.  

Then we all walked to Bjørnhuset to see the school christmas concert.  I sat with Brenda and Vanessa.  It was actually a really interesting concert!  They opened with Thriller which was really neat.  But I had to leave halfway through it to walk to the dentist, so that kind of sucked.  It took me like 15 minutes to walk there, then i spent 5 minutes actually there, and then 15 minutes to walk back haha.  It was sooo cold outside!  When I got back to the concert I had to walk back to my seat in the dark, haha bad idea.  

After the concert, Brenda, Vanessa and I went to Molde Torget to buy Chiara a christmas present.  And then went to Vanessas house to hang out.  Brenda made us REAL mexican tacos! I thought I wouldnt like them at first, but boy was I wrong! They were soo good.  We also tasted this cake thing from Italy that Vanessas parents sent to her.  It was really good also.  

Now this is where the fun really began.  We decided we would go downstairs and watch a scary movie.  So we chose 'Paranormal Activity'.  We had to watch it on streaming though, so we used Vanessas tiny computer from school and propped in up right in front of the opening to the room and turned off ALL the lights.  Lets just say, it was the scariest movie I have ever seen! We jumped so many times, well a lot of the times it was Brenda and Vanessa jumping that actually scared me haha.  Because Brenda was holding onto my right arm and Vanessa my left.  And then Vanessas mom walked into the room right at a scary party and Brenda screamed and everyone freaked out.  It was hilarious!  And later that night Vanessas sister threw a snowball at the window where we were and Vanessa and Brenda FREAKED! haha I just sat there cause I knew it was nothing scary.  But they ran from the room screaming and when Vanessa was leaving she said "Ciao Nicole!" and waved haha and left.  And then the door was locked so they couldnt get out so they came back running into the room it was hilarious.  What good friends I have right? They would leave me if something evil was coming, haha.  

That night I also got to hold a real lobster! Sounds stupid but I have never gotten to do that before.  It was soo coool! But I felt kind of sad because it was going to die :( 


Later that night they gave the cat a bath.  Haha here is what the cat looks like:  

So when they give the cat a bath, its something you have to see! All her hair goes down and she gets really skinny, its cute.  So that was fun.  

We ended up just spending the rest of the night hanging out.  We fell asleep watching 50 First Dates, and then we all woke up again and Vanessa and me could not sleep.  So we fell asleep to Toy Story the movie haha.  Just like when we were younger :) 

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