03 January 2010

24. desember

Last night we watched 'A CHRISTMAS STORY' :)  As in the movie about the boy Ralphie who wants a BB gun for christmas but everyone tells him, "you'll shoot your eye out!".  That movie was mostly filmed in the city I come from in the US.  Cleveland!  Soooo it was really exciting for me to see it.  Because every year back home, they begin playing it at 8pm on christmas eve, and keep playing it for 24 hours straight! Because it is so famous back home.  Everyone watches it on christmas eve!  Its been a tradition for many years.  Some people at home even have the lamp from the movie in their window or a fake boy in their yard with his tongue stuck to a pole.  Another famous scene from the movie.  I definitely suggest everyone watch that movie! 

Anyways, today is CHRISTMAS EVE! JULAFTEN!  This means a new celebration for me :) I woke up kind of early so that I could watch some christmas shows with the family.  And there was a stocking outside hanging on my door, it was so cute!  

Inside there were some norwegian comic books and some chocolate.  You know something that is weird for me? They don't have candy canes at christmas time! 

Then we did some errands, went to Molde Torget and dropped off some gifts at peoples houses.  When we came home we ate grøt for lunch.  Or porridge I guess you would call it in english.  Looks like this:

It was very yummy!  I will definitely have to eat it again next year haha.  We also watched a famous film here, a cinderella story, I dont know the name.  But it was pretty good!  Even though it was all in norwegian I understood most of it so that was good!  

At 3 we went to church.  It is a Protestant church but it was very similar to church at home.  It was so cool I loved going.  It was all in norwegian of course which was so interesting to hear.  Here are some pictures:

This ones a little blurry sorry.

Me and my dad :) 

At 5 the rest of the family showed up.  We ate pinnekjøtt with potatoes! I was a little skeptical at first but I tasted it and it was really good.  It was strange so I only had a little bit and ate some christmas sausage too.  

Then it was time to open all our gifts! Here is what the tree looked like before we started:

This actually isnt all the gifts, this picture was taken before the whole family showed up, so you can imagine was it was like after that! Haha but it was so nice.  For Christmas I got earrings, vanilla lotion with bodywash, perfume with body wash and lotion, gloves, a hat, a statue, a nail kit, training clothes, warm socks, a gift card and a wallet.  I loved all my gifts it was a really nice Christmas!  :)  Here are some pictures from the night:

My aunt and mom! 

My dad and aunt!

My sisters, Ingvild og Hanna!

While opening gifts we took 3 breaks haha to have dessert and just to take a break! Here is some of the food we had:

Brownies and Julebrus! By the way I LOOOOVVEEE Julebrus! :P

Kransekake! It is like an almond ring cake, its good! My mom's favorite :)

It ended up taking 3 hours to open all the gifts! It was insane.  But afterwards we played Kortskalle, a very fun game.  

My uncle Thomas, mom, dad, Ingvild and Hanna.  :)  

In the game everyone has two cards, one is a place and the other is a person.  You spin the spinner and either get to ask questions about your cards, get a hint from everyone about your person or place, get the first letter of your person or place or get a newspaper headline relating to your person and place.  The object is to guess the person and place.  Once you have guessed 3 of each you win! Its really a funny and good game!  

Earlier this night I also read this poem from the US to everyone.  'Twas the Night Before Christmas.  It is famous at home and in the US my mom would always read it to me on Christmas Eve.  So it was really nice for me to be able to do that here.  I also talked with my family from home on skype tonight.  It was great to see everyone but also made me miss them a lot!  I love them all very much!  



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