03 January 2010

25. desember


Today I started the day off right, with drinking julebrus! Haha.  I also opened two gifts from my parents at home; an Amerian Eagle hoodie and a red cashmere sweater!  I was so happy to get them!  Then we went to my grandmas house to have a christmas lunch.  It was bread with fish, cheese, meat, eggs or just anything on it.  We also had hot chocolate!  Afterwards they played the game Geni but I cant understand it all so instead I looked at some old photo albums of Hanna and Ingvild.  They were so adorable, and still are of course!  This is very random but my family started having a competition playing a toilet paper rolling game on the IPhone haha.  You have to unroll the toilet paper as fast as possible haha it was hilarious.  

I also talked with my parents at home on skype again.  My mom got a nice north face jacket and my dad got a nice leather jacket.  I dont know what all their other gifts are because they hadnt opened them all yet!  I also got to see my pets, smokey, duchess and mickey! I was sooo happy to see them, i miss them soooooo much!  Then I finished opening all my gifts from america.  I got moisturizer, a spinning pen (dont ask my dad thought it was funny!) and lots of american food haha.  Bisquick, cookie and cake mix, butterfingers, sour patch kids, red cherries, special k bars, mike n ikes, warheads, nutty bars, pop rocks, airheads, reese peices, sweet and salty granola bars and roman noodles!  

Later that night I watched Notting Hill with my whole family.  And I also gave my family a bag of sour patch kids, which my sisters loved, and some warheads.  It was funny to watch them try the warheads since they are so sour! Then I talked with my parents a little bit more and went to bed.  

I forgot to mention that a few nights ago I opened my parents christmas card.  It was really really nice.  They sent me some pictures which I hung up on my wall and some lottery tickets!  I actually won 5 dollars! woohooo....not that it does me much good here in Norway! 

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