03 January 2010

26. desember

Today I slept in! When I woke up I bake some American cookies, it was quite exciting :) They are my favorite from home!

Then my dads family came over to have brunch. Here is what we ate:

I loved spending time with the family. I love it at home also.  Its so nice to be with the ones you love and care about!  But I was kind of getting a little sad that day.  Because I was meeting so many new people and concentrating so much and thinking so much.  I am sorry to say this, but I was honestly getting sick of norwegian because I was just frustrated.  It is a lot better now but it was just too many days with new people and constant norwegian being spoken fast between like 20 people.  But I did notice something good!  Even when I zone out or stop paying attention to everyone talking to each other, I still understand the norwegian words and what they are talking about! It was actually quite exciting.  AFS always says that around Christmas things will just begin making sense, and I guess it is kind of true.  I still feel like learning norwegian is hard though. I mean I understand a lot more than I used to, I know I am learning stuff.  But I still feel like I won't learn norwegian sometimes.  Well I feel like I will understand everything everyone says at the end of the year, and I will be able to read and write it maybe, but I feel like I will never be able to speak it well.  I know that is the hardest part of any language, speaking it, so I will just need to practice, Practice, PRACTICE!  I hope I can do it!  :)  

I also talked with my parents on skype again yesterday so that I could see them open all their Christmas gifts from us here in Norway.  I sent my mom a nice scarf, hat and earrings.  And I sent my dad a troll statue (hehe), and some cool underwear.  I also sent them a bunch of norwegian candy, smash, milk chocolate, smil etc. And Ananas brus!  We also sent them brown cheese, and my host parents gave them a cheese cutter and some magnets.  We also sent a cd with a bunch of pictures from Molde.  And my parents favorite gift, which was from my parents here in Norway, was a calendar for 2010 with pictures of me and my family here in it.  Both my parents in the US started crying when they saw it.  It almost made me cry too, but I was just so happy that they loved it!  I really miss them a lot! So mom and dad if you are reading this: I love you both and miss you both so much! Thank you for everything you have done for me, and for giving me this amazing opportunity to come and live in Norway for you! I couldn't ask for better parents :) 

Afterwards we played kortskalle again, Mamma, Pappa, Hanna, Ingvild, Edvard og jeg.  It was a lot of fun but I went to bed around 12 cause I felt so exhausted. 

27. desember

today at 5pm we had dinner at my other grandmas house.  We actually had reindeer to eat with potatoes, carrots and brocoli.  It was really good.  Haha I ate RUDOLPH! Afterwards we all sat around and just talked.  It was mamma, pappa, hanna, ingvild, edvard, kjetil, farmor og jeg.  Elisabeth my older sister also showed up.  Her plane was late because there was so much snow outside!  

When we got home we watched the movie I love You, Man.  It was really funny.  We also watched an old home video, which was hilarious.  Afterwards everyone played kortskalle but I didnt because I cant understand as much as quickly so it was just easier to watch them play.  Because then I could try to follow along and understand.  

We have sooo much snow outside it is wonderful!  I absolutely love it.  I feel like we get a lot of snow in ohio too but it seems like so much more here because when i look out the window i can see all down the mountain. In ohio all i see is across the street and its flat, haha.  One thing that bothers me kind of is that I cant really get to know Kjetil, Edvard and Elisabeth.  I mean I only have seen them I think 3 times this year.  But I am always afraid to speak english with them because I know they except me to be speaking norwegian.  But I am also afraid to speak norwegian because of the fact that I barely know them and it makes me uncomfortable.  I know I will eventually just have to suck it up and talk with them, but that will probably only happen at the end of the year!  Its also hard to show who I really am in norwegian at this point because I dont know enough norwegian to just be myself if that makes sense.  I dont know I cant really explain it right.  Whenever I am around all of them I am just quiet and dont say much and that is really NOT me.  It makes me feel kind of stupid, mad, sad and boring. I hope things will get better as I learn more norwegian and I hope I am able to talk more with them as the year goes on and really get to know them.  

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