03 January 2010

cross country skiing! :)

Today I went cross country skiing for the FIRST TIME EVER! :D

Me and Marte!

It was so much fun! At first I was absolutely freezing.  I went with my contact family but I was with Marte the whole time because she was teaching me and so that we could go slow which is really nice of her :)  So I got on the skis and she taught me how to glide, go up a hill (like a penguin hehe) and kind of how to break (haven't mastered that yet).  Then we started going on the tracks, which I love haha. It is difficult to go uphill actually.  I almost slid backwards down the hill a bunch of times!  

But yeah I took a few nasty falls.  The first was when we were going downhill and the track I was on "broke off" and went into a ditch.  So I threw myself to the ground because I decided I would rather fall on the ground than into a ditch!  It wasnt that painful though so its okay!

The next time was when we were going down a huge hill (well huge to me) and there were NO TRACKS! "AHHH" was my first reaction and I really really didn't want to go down the hill because I just knew I would fall.  Breaking on cross country skis is kind of hard.  But I had to go down breaking, which is difficult your first time, but I made it!  Then there was another hill which curved so I had to use my right foot to steer.  I thought it was just a little curve because I couldnt actually see around the trees, but nooooooooooo.  The hill continued for a very long time and I was going way to fast and I couldnt control myself anymore so I threw myself to the ground again haha.  This one was kind of painful because I rolled a few times.  

The last time was towards the end where there were two hills.  One that went straight and a hill that broke off of it going to the right.  I didnt know if we were going down the big hill or the one to the right.  Marte started going down the big hill so I started following, but then she breaked by the hill to the right.  I kind of forget how to break right since it was a last minute decision to stop so I just went to the ground again!  And guess what?! We ended up going straight of course! haha. 

So overall, cross country skiing was absolutely amazing!  I definitely wasnt freezing anymore after we finished the track.  It gets really hot while you are doing it.  I have a huge bruise on my right shin now and the tops of my knees hurt, but its all good!  

By the way, it is totally true about norwegian people being born on skis!  There were littles kids there, like 3 years old, who were learning and doing a really good job!  And there was a 2 year old that we saw going downhill skiing! Its insane! I wish i would have learned how to ski at a really young age!  And now I know where norwegians get their pink cheeks from! ;)  My pink were bright bright pink when we finished!  

Also the scenery and nature was absolutely breath-takingly beautiful today! It was stunning.  The air was cold and crisp and fresh.  There was a lot of snow. The sun was shining on parts of the snow and woods.  And it was quiet.  It was so peaceful. I really wish I would have had my camera!  At one point we were in a valley, it was amazing.  We also saw the sun set behind the mountains, and that was also so beautiful.  The sky was red and pink and the mountains were blue.  Which is why Molde is also known as the blue city!  Basically, it was the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen in my whole life!  I will surely never forget it.  

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