18 February 2010


We had our mid year orientation with AFS in Trondheim recently! I wasn't really looking forward to it honestly, but it turned out to not be that bad! Only because I got to spend time with Afsers of course :)

We left from Molde around 14:00 and arrived in Trondheim finally around 19:00, it was such a long bus ride! But Vanessa, Javi, Chiara, Brenda and I were quite entertained. We listened to music and talked. But let me explain, we are quite loud when we are all together, always laughing and having a good time. I swear everyone on the bus hated us by the time we arrived in Trondheim haha ooooppppsss..

Once we were in Trondheim we had to walk through the city to a train thingy to take to our cabin. But first, almost all of the girls had to go to the bathroom, and bathrooms in the bus station cost money! It is soooo stupid. Anyways after that we all got on the train thingy and me and Brenda were just having a good time! I love my monkey haha! (inside joke; i am the princess and brenda is the monkey) After taking the train for about a half hour we had to walk up to the cabin, it wasn't too far, and JASON was there!!! (another inside joke, about jason from halloween hahaha) When we arrrived we ate hotdogs and did some exercises and then just hung out, and went to bed. By the way, all the guys got to sleep in bed, and all the girls had to sleep on the floor! Grrrr...

The next day we woke up and did more afs exercises and then we went skiing! Woohooo, but it was cross country skiing, which i like, but i LOVE downhill skiing. I stayed with Javi during the trip and it was reallllly funny, because we aren't amazing at skiing. SHe was going down a hill once on the tracks, and I was behind her, but she fell on the track and her ski stayed on the track and i drove right over it and fell too. It was quite painful but hilarious because two norwegian men told javi she had a really good fall and were giving her advice on how to ski down the hills hahah. After skiing we took showers and then some guys and girls went snow bathing haha. I didnt but I think i have to do that before I go home just because! But it was crazy they were just outside in boxers and throwing snow at each other!

The last day we just did more exercises and hung out again, overall the camp was fun. The "girl talk" was especially fun ;) I wish I could describe everything that we talked about, but I cant. I will just have to remember! And another funny thing was that Molde was always together. Like when they wanted our attention, instead of saying "nicole! Javi!" they said "MOLDE!" Molde also becamed associated with the song "no stress" and the dance that goes along with it...hehe..

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

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  1. Hei!
    Du skriver veldig godt norsk til å bare ha vært der i 7 måneder.
    Jeg er selv på utveksling til Frankrike, og kommer fra Kristiansund - rett ved Molde!

    Er veldig gøy å lese om oppholdet ditt i Norge. Håper resten av oppholdet blir bra :)