02 February 2010

AFSers just wanna have fun:)

This is a post dedicated to my AFS friends! Hopefully they dont get mad that I am about to put up a bunch of embarrassing pictures and videos of us!! ;)

Let me just explain this. When you go to another country with AFS your closest friends usually end up being the other AFSers. Because you are all going through the year together, they are the first people you meet, and they understand everything you are going through. There is just an understanding between all of us. I absolutely love the other Afsers here. Some of them are like family to me! My sisters:) And at the beginning of the year, when you dont have any friends from the country you are in yet, you tend to stick with your afs friends, hence the reason we are all so close. And when we hang out, we tend to do stupid things and just have fun. Because we have realized it doesnt matter what all the other people think of us. We should just be happy and enjoy ourselves while we are here, and people should accept us for who we are. And if they dont, that is their problem! Anyways, here are some pictures and videos of me and my afs family:) A lot of what I am about to post are just pictures and videos of memories I always want to remember!

This song will always remind me of Vanessa, along with Infinity haha!

Vanessa and I making tacos..we were twins that day...lol

Vanessa and I playing piano, yes we got really bored and decided to just play piano all day

Vanessa performing on piano

Vanessa is like my sister! I will really miss her when we leave :(

Now for some pictures!

Okay so one day Brenda and I went to a party and had a ton of fun. But when it was over we decided to just walk to get to my house. Which means we were walking from the bottom of the mountain 200 meters up to my house haha. Yes we are pretty crazy but it ended up being a really fun night. We had a ton of fun taking lots of stupid pictures!

And Brenda is my other sister! I love her :)

Burger King! Hahaha me, Vanessa, Brenda, Chiara and Javi. It was Brendas 19th birthday!!
yes we love tacos (haha I know brenda they arent REAL tacos;) )

Rock climbing:) Me, Brenda, Javi and Blake!

Javi and I :)

Chiara, Vanessa and Javi!!

Okay i think thats enough pictures for now haha. And for the final picture, here is me and my Afs sisters:)


  1. I totally know what you are talking about! Even though it might be easier for me as I speak English, I do hang out with my AFS friends A LOT! I always feel the urge to call or send a text to a couple of them randomly. And a weekend without seeing them is almost horrible :P We live 20 minutes away from each other sadly. And another good friend as far as fifty minutes! I do try to hang out with Americans too, 'cause y'all are so outgoing and nice! But I feel like a nuisance because I don't always get their jokes and I also feel left out because they barely share stuff with me - I'm just watching while they are sharing stuff with each other. It's hard. Do you ever feel like that? Do you feel a lot closer to your family than your Norwegian friends (like I do)?

  2. Yes I am always with my AFS friends! Because they actually know me, they are my real friends. Yes I have norwegian friends, but its different to hang out with them. I always feel a little insecure and I have to concentrate so much cause sometimes I feel left out. Especially if they talk about people I dont know, or stuff that happened last year. So the answer is yes i feel like that sometimes. And I definitely feel closer to my family here than my norwegian friends.

  3. nicole, this is such a cute post. i love it :).

    miss you.
    saw grayson and evan this weekend & talked about how we missed you and blake and GEORGE and lucas.


  4. Hey!

    I am a girl from norway. And I am going to be an exchange student with explorius. I am going to live in america for 1 year. And I was just wondering if could talk to you about america since you are from there. To lean more and so on :P
    Maybe i could get your e-mail or you could add me on facebook?

    Btw: It is so cool that people from america visits norway! xD